Creative Moments Short Video Series

Can you imagine its possible to edit to a final image in 10 min or less?
Want to see just how easy and how quick it can be to create AMAZING images using textures?
Check out the Creative Moments Video Series to find out!

Creative Moments Video Series

Want to see just how easy and quick it can be to transform your photo from pretty to AMAZING??

A series of short videos on editing 

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Kia ora from Stacey

Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, I have spent the last 10+ years with a DSLR in my hands.

From landscapes, wildlife, macro, flowers, still life, photo artistry and now food, my experience encompasses a wide range of photography genres.

Everything I learned happened the hard way, making ALL the mistakes, trying, failing and trying again.  It is a very effective way of learning but its also very slow.

Investing in some focused online training that taught me very specifically what I needed to know was the ONE thing that absolutely saw me improve my work.

It made me capable of creating in new ways via use of Photoshop which expanded my horizons, and also taught me to THINK CREATIVELY as well.

I want to save you time, by teaching you JUST the things you need to know to get started.

Will you join me on the journey to being more creative with your images, the FUN , QUICK and EASY way?


Do I need to know how to use Photoshop already?

You can be a complete beginner as the necessary basics to get the job done are the focus of these classes.  The Pen Tool will NEVER trouble you, promise!

What software do I need?

Photoshop or a similar program - Elements, ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate, Paint Shop Pro etc - something that supports Layers/Masks/Blend Modes and brushes.

Lightroom is does not support the Layer features by itself.

You can also use an iPad and apps but I will not be teaching how to use them in this course.

Is a graphics tablet a requirement?

No but I personally recommend using one, its easier to be accurate and more comfortable to use.   I use a Wacom Intuous Pro Medium size.

Is one monitor enough?

One monitor will get the job done, but two is much more efficient if you can manage it.

Do you teach me how to use my camera?

This Learning Portal is specifically aimed at post production, editing and creative techniques AFTER you have taken the photo.

I do offer Mentor and One-on-One Coaching services that can cover camera skills.