Creative Moments Video Series by Stacey Hill

Creative Moments Video Series

Want to find out how easy and quick it can be to transform your photos from pretty to AMAZING??

We are all busy people, so I have created these short videos to give you just the RIGHT information.  

Get started creating quickly and easily,  and amaze everyone with your new artistic creativity.

Creative Moments Get YOU Creating

Learning Photoshop scares everyone, so many options makes it too confusing!  I get that.  Lets start with the stuff you NEED to know to get the job done.

These videos take one key technique or concept, and show you how it works, with simple clear easy tutorials to get you creating quickly.

Each lesson is discrete, but combined, they give you the skills and the confidence to be artistic and create with your own unique style.  Where you make art on YOUR terms.

One lesson below is available to view now via the Preview button.  

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What's included?

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Creative Moments 1 Two Ways with Textures
11 mins
Creative Moments 2 Introduction to Brushes
21 mins
Introduction to Brushes Bonus Content.docx
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